Online Video Optimization And Marketing

If you want to attract customers, hold their attention and have them become advocates for your business, if you want to go viral, then you must add video to your site. However, video alone wont bring customers around. To help customers find you, you need video optimization.


Online business video has boomed in recent years, and with good reason. Business owners, medical doctors, attorneys and contractors have experienced increased phone calls and e-mails directly as a result of video.

Many people simply prefer watching video over reading text. And with the majority of Americans using high-speed Internet, people like your neighbors are watching online videos in growing numbers.

In December 2008 alone, people watched 14,300,000,000 videos online. The same month, the average American Internet user viewed 96 videos. And between November 2008 and April 2009, the time people spent watching videos grew by an astonishing 16%. (ComScore)

Video offers the chance to reach customers in a format they enjoy, helping your business stay healthy even in highly-competitive fields.

Online video provides several unique benefits:

  • Video offers a way for as many people as possible to see and hear you, creating the opportunity to connect with your customers and inspire their trust in you.
  • You can offer the best possible sales pitch, at any time of the day or night, in a format that can be shared among peers.
  • You can demonstrate individual products using sights and sound, enticing your customers to reach out to your office.

At Enversa, we recommend you include video as part of your comprehensive online marketing campaign. We not only make business videos, we maximize their reach through optimization and distribution.

Video Optimization

It's likely your competitors already have videos online. That's why we take steps to ensure your videos can be found in search engines and are optimized to target the appropriate keywords.

SEO Video Optimization dramatically increases the reach of your video and yields strong results for your office. At Enversa, we craft page text, encoded metadata and other design elements in order to optimize your videos for keyword searches.

Google included video results in 38% of searches right from its homepage, according to ComScore. With our knowledge of video technology and search optimization, your site, too, can appear in search results for all three major search engines.

Video Distribution

While your business videos make a fantastic addition to your Enversa website, there's many more sites where they can work for you. By uploading your video to popular video sites, Enversa can extend the reach of your message and greatly increase its effectiveness in driving leads.

Imagine your video making it to the front page results in Google, Yahoo! or Bing, and what that can mean for your business. That kind of placement only happens when your video has been uploaded and optimized in the most popular video communities.

At Enversa, we not only add your videos to different websites, we customize each video page to include a link to your business website, original marketing copy and keyword optimization. We also incorporate high quality design and your branding elements on a custom YouTube channel.
We distribute videos to many sites, including:

Enhance Your Campaign With Online Video

At Enversa, we produce videos aimed at increasing your sales. With a smart optimization and distribution strategy, your videos can reach a highly targeted audience and provide you with a steady source of business leads.

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