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Press Release Optimization & Distribution


Enversa provides a press release optimization and distribution service. We focus on optimizing our client?s press release for top keyword phrases in the seo campaign. We then distribute this release to numerous press release & media sources.

How Press Releases Help Your Business

Press Releases are an excellent way to keep the consumer informed about your business. Publishing a properly optimized press release can help you acquire new customers in several ways:

  • Consumers will find your press Release through internet searches and will click through to your website
  • Keep customers up-to-date on important news
  • Generate more quality backlinks to your website, which helps your search ranks
  • Your Business will maintain a professional image by making online announcements to the Press

At Enversa, we assist our clients publish properly optimized press releases online. This will prove to help your business, your website, and increase your overall Online presence with the consumer.

The Power of the Press Release

Press releases can be effectively used to generate backward links as well as to reach consumers directly. A press release can rank highly in the search engines for specific keyword phrases when optimized effectively.


We encourage our clients to collaborate with us in the writing of the press release. You know your business, we know the proper guidelines and strategies in order to promote it!

Get Started in Just 3 Easy Steps

Getting Started

Submitting a Press Release involves several steps, there are very many different Press Release outlets available on the internet. PRWeb is one of the most popular. PRWeb as well as other Press Release submission websites offer several different options for submitting and distributing your Press Release. When considering which website to use and which options to choose, there are several important factors to consider:

  • What is your target Audience?
  • How would you like the Press Release to be Distributed?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a Press Release submission?

At Enversa, we can choose all of the right options based on your business needs. We make it easy, you provide the information, and we make sure that the Press Release fits the overall goals of your Website and Online Marketing efforts.

Writing the Press Release

Make sure that your press release is something worth writing about.
Product introduction, new location, special promotions

Note the difference between an informational article and a press release.
Press Release Definition: Announcement to the media informing the public of company developments.
Article Definition: An information topic such as ?How to write a good press release!?

Is there a specific web page that I want to drive traffic to with this press release?
If we are introducing a new product, we will link directly to this new product page.

Create a call to action!
Make sure the reader has a reason to click the link in your press release.
Free consultations, free estimates, online discounts, join our newsletter!

Keep press releases short and sweet!
Typically a press release is between 300 ? 500 words.

Press Release Submission Information

Headline ? 100 characters
Catchy title that is still relevant to your announcement.

Summary ? 200 characters
Two sentences that clearly define what the body is about.

News Body ? 3000 characters
Tell the world about the event that has taken place with your business in an unbiased manner. We like to include a link in the body to your website or a specific page on the website.

Author ? 100 characters
This is an opportunity to market yourself as well as your announcement.

Image - .jpg, .gif
Always good to include an image!

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